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April 4, 2008, 11:16 am
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I’ve been looking at more trend stuff at work in the last few days and I’ve found a bunch more cool stuff that I think is totally blog-worthy. I don’t have time to write about all of it right now, but for the moment here’s a website I discovered that I found myself quickly getting hooked on – super short summaries of movies via Movie-a-Minute. They write entertaining mini-scripts summarizing the plots of movies, here are a bunch of my favorites:

Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts: I’m a hooker, but I don’t kiss on the lips.

Richard Gere: I have a lot of money.

Julia Roberts: (smooch)


The Sixth Sense

Haley Joel Osment: I see dead people.

Bruce Willis: Try talking to them.

Haley Joel Osment: It worked.


Top Gun

(There are LOTS of JETS.)

Tom Cruise: I am handsome and cool.

Val Kilmer: No, I am handsome and cool.

(They get all moody with each other.)

Tom Cruise: I almost got you killed, so now we’re friends.

Val Kilmer: Yes. I like you.


Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon: I’m smart, but so what? Let’s start fights and pick up chicks.

Robin Williams: If you push people away, they can’t be close to you.

Matt Damon: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP you fixed me thank you I love you. (cries)


Everyone Says I Love You

Woody Allen: I’m neurotic.

Audience: We know.

Woody Allen: Yes, but this time I’m going to sing about it. (bursts into song)



John Travolta: I like you, but you’re not cool enough.

Olivia Newton-John: What if I dress like a slut?

John Travolta: Now that you’re not who you are, I can love you for who I wanted you to be.



NASA: An asteroid is coming. We are in trouble.

Nerd: You must blow it up from the inside. Probably.

NASA: Let’s teach drillers to be astronauts, on account of drilling is too hard for astronauts to learn.

Bruce Willis: Instead for a ninjillion dollars, we will only do it if we don’t have to pay taxes anymore, because audiences can relate to that.

Audience: I can relate to that. Therefore, I love it.


Grosse Pointe Blank

John Cusack: I have a lot of angst about killing a lot of people. (Kills a lot of people. Gets angst.)

I am so glad I am reunited with my lost high school sweetheart. (Presumably stops killing people. Presumably stops getting angst.)



Dennis Hopper: I will blow up the elevator.

Keanu Reeves: Oh no. Not the elevator. (saves elevator)

Dennis Hopper: I will blow up the bus.

Keanu Reeves: Oh no. Not the bus. (saves bus)

Dennis Hopper: I will blow up the subway.

Keanu Reeves: Oh no. Not the subway. (saves subway)


I’ll add more of my fascinating trend-hunting finds soon!




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