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Crazy Vehicles
April 7, 2008, 8:52 am
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I keep coming across pictures of some pretty striking forms of transportation. Here are the three that made the strongest impression:

A crazy adaptation of an old green truck into a raft for cuban refugees – the barrels provide buoyancy and supposedly they’ve rigged it so the truck motor is powering a propeller.

In Pakistan they evidently love decorating tour vehicles with the most outlandishly ornate decorations conceivable. Apparently it started out with just a flourish here and there and then people started trying to outdo one another. This is the result:

And finally in Japan they have what are called ‘Decorata’ – trucks covered in chrome, neon lights, and anything else shiny and flashy they can find. Apparently this truck-decorating trend really took off after a 1970’s movie featuring a costumed truck driver who drove one of these crazy rigs all over Japan. These totally remind me of the Transformers movie.

(added 4/8/08):

I just found another example of a great crazy vehicle.  A farmer in China made this amphibious vehicle, it’s the same basic idea as those ride the ducks tour boat/trucks but a nice cozy size for family outings:


Awesome Staircase
February 26, 2008, 9:46 pm
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Apparently I have a thing for integrating bookshelves in creative places. (Remember the Bibliochaise?) I really love this staircase that was designed for an apartment in London (or flat, I suppose). You can read all about it and see a few more photos here.




Constructive Eating
February 20, 2008, 12:03 pm
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An excellent new way for kids to play with their food.


I think the bulldozer to help get food onto your spoon or fork is pretty brilliant. Once again, I may need to get these for my niece.

(I saw these on a coworker’s blog, but don’t want to give away one of my favorite sources. You can find out more about the fun eating utensils here.)

Bitter or Sweet?
February 13, 2008, 2:55 pm
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In preparation for Valentine’s day, here are some fun candy heart spin-offs available to help you really go all out, whether in favor of or against the general idea of the holiday.

For serious Valentine enthusiasts, you can express that enthusiasm with Sweethearts Candy Cologne. When giving away little boxes of candy hearts just isn’t enough, take it a step further and smell like them too.


If, on the other hand, you’re feeling more like a Valentine’s grinch, the thing for you might be Bittersweets– cute little candy hearts, minus the happy little messages of affection and love. Instead, there are 3 collections, Dejected, Dysfunctional, and Dumped, with 37 unique sayings each of sadness, aloneness and despair. The good news is the candies are still tasty and they come in cute little reusable tins.


Of course if you really want something extraordinary for Valentine’s Day, I suggest you try this.

Giant Microbes!
February 6, 2008, 6:14 pm
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I found these awesome stuffed toys and I really want to get some for my 16 month old Niece. They come in sets, ranging from common maladies (Bad Breath, Kissing Disease, Athlete’s Foot, etc.) to Calamaties like Black Death, Flesh Eating Bacteria and Mad Cow Disease. My Sister says that my Niece already has more than enough stuffed animals (and she’s right), but these are so much cooler than just stuffed animals!


My favorites are E Coli and Salmonella:


If you want to see all of the collections, the site is, of course,

(maybe I can just get my Niece the Liquid Soap Dispenser…)

Zappos + Linsey = Trouble
January 30, 2008, 10:15 am
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So a friend of mine recommended that I try Zappos to find some boots that will fit my larger-than-average-size calves. In case you are not already familiar, they are an online store with a huge selection of shoes and other accessories, and a brilliant policy of shipping all purchases for free with overnight delivery, plus free return shipping if the shoes don’t work out. After approximately 1 hour of browsing their site, I am giddy from falling in love with so many pairs of shoes. I’ve narrowed it down to these eight which I desperately need to own:

4998-312546-d.jpg7958-264817-d.jpg3279-456823-d.jpg 6218-314095-d.jpg


(get a closer look at the shoes)

I’ve already ordered one of the pairs of black boots (which was the objective of this whole thing, after all) and I’ve also signed up to receive an e-mail when the brown ones are available in my size. And while I realize that four of the pairs of shoes I have picked out look incredibly similar and couldn’t possibly each fill a truly unique niche in my life, I still believe that I need them all. And you just can’t argue with red patent leather peep-toe mary jane pumps, now can you?

The Bibliochaise
January 29, 2008, 11:45 am
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A brilliant way to combine my love of books and my love of well-designed furniture. It’s also fun to play with all the different finish & upholstry color combinations on the designer’s website.


(I think I would go with magenta and dark brown. linseys-bibliochaise.jpg )