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I am a Flip Flop
February 7, 2008, 5:34 pm
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I don’t have much time for the blog today, but just to keep my precious few loyal readers at least vaguely entertained, here is a fun quiz you can take about what kind of shoe represents who you are – it helps if you pretend you’re a 17-year old girl. My favorite question was about who you would date if they were a real person. I chose Harry Potter, which of course wouldn’t be inappropriate if I were a 17 year old girl. And apparently that made me a flip-flop…


Pretty profound, huh? Enjoy!


Zappos + Linsey = Trouble
January 30, 2008, 10:15 am
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So a friend of mine recommended that I try Zappos to find some boots that will fit my larger-than-average-size calves. In case you are not already familiar, they are an online store with a huge selection of shoes and other accessories, and a brilliant policy of shipping all purchases for free with overnight delivery, plus free return shipping if the shoes don’t work out. After approximately 1 hour of browsing their site, I am giddy from falling in love with so many pairs of shoes. I’ve narrowed it down to these eight which I desperately need to own:

4998-312546-d.jpg7958-264817-d.jpg3279-456823-d.jpg 6218-314095-d.jpg


(get a closer look at the shoes)

I’ve already ordered one of the pairs of black boots (which was the objective of this whole thing, after all) and I’ve also signed up to receive an e-mail when the brown ones are available in my size. And while I realize that four of the pairs of shoes I have picked out look incredibly similar and couldn’t possibly each fill a truly unique niche in my life, I still believe that I need them all. And you just can’t argue with red patent leather peep-toe mary jane pumps, now can you?