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Yoga and Cats Don’t Mix
January 28, 2008, 11:40 pm
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So I just tried out the new yoga DVD I bought, Yoga for Stress Relief and it was just the thing I was looking for, with lots of relaxing poses that stretch out and open up tense parts of your body. By the time I finished the lower back chapters I felt like a happy puddle on my living room floor. The only hitch was my cat Mango, who was infuriated as I ignored her ingenious attempts to make me pet her while I was opening up my chest to let the radiance of my heart do something-or-other (the DVD did have some over-the-top verbage, I probably would have been snickering a lot if there had been anyone else watching it with me). Anyhow, Mango progressed from simple head-butting against my shoulder to laying on the floor with her head resting in my hand and staring up at me plaintively, and then finally she stooped to dragging her entire body across my hand just in case I had forgotten how the whole cat/hand contact thing worked. She finally gave up when I got to the legs up the wall pose and my hand wound up inconveniently under an armchair. She’s still looking a little disappointed in me, but I think I made it up to her at least partly when I discarded the over-stretched rubber band from my hair onto the floor and she got to enjoy a thrilling 5 minutes of stalking and attacking it.