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March 10, 2008, 9:55 am
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I found a toy racecar in my box of Cheerios this morning! I’ve been eating them for about a week and today the box got empty enough for me to notice something brightly colored at the bottom. I took a closer look and sure enough, free toy! It’s pretty sweet, it has no trouble at all racing the entire length of our worktable and it drives pretty straight too. I haven’t tried it on any jumps yet, but with all the three ring binders around here I’m sure I can put something together. I’m feeling a little bit tempted to listen to the voice on the back of the cereal box shouting ‘COLLECT ALL FIVE!!!!’



I also think this might be a sign that I should buy a new car…


March 7, 2008, 12:02 pm
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I really love playing Scrabulous on Facebook. I’ve had a game going with my dad for at least the last month and he’s completely kicking my ass. I finally found out what his big secret is (aside from the fact he’s a ridiculously good scrabble player, so much so that nobody but his Mom will play with him anymore): he pulled out the scrabble set from home and keeps a tray with his current scrabulous letters sitting in front of his keyboard at work. So basically he can spend all day looking for that brilliant next play and then log on to facebook to make his next devastating move. He even sent me a photo of this sweet little setup:


I like to think that eventually I’ll learn to be a better scrabble player by playing with him, so I’m choosing not to let it get to me that I’m currently being beaten by over 150 points. One of his favorite tricks is to use every one of his letters in a single turn, which in the Scrabble world wins you an extra 50 points. This manouver is demonstrated below where he played first ‘increase’ and then ‘osteoid’ – I still don’t even know what osteoid means.


I was pretty proud of my ‘laborers’ move, but it used two pre-existing letters so no bonus 50 for me. But if anyone else on facebook is keen on wordgames, I’m all about Scrabulous (and I’m learning to be a pretty gracious loser too). Oh, and if you see any good moves I can make with my current letters (below), feel free to suggest a play. Maybe that will be my new secret Scrabulous strategy….


In Honor of Monday
February 11, 2008, 8:35 am
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Turns out complaining can sometimes be a pretty gainful thing to do. I was recently whining to Ari about what a ridiculous number of meetings I’ve been having at work lately (here’s a simulated sample of how my work calendar has been looking) and in return I was sent a link to the niftiest strategy for keeping entertained during a business meeting that I’ve seen in a long time: it’s Business Buzzword Bingo, and it’s brilliant. It randomly fills a bingo card with a variety of words commonly overused in corporate culture. You print out the card and take it to your next business meeting, where you get to yell Bingo! if the right combination of buzzwords are used, aiming for the usual Bingo objective of a straight or diagonal line of marked boxes. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’ll have plenty of opportunities today, with 4 meetings scheduled so far.

My one complaint with Business Buzzword Bingo is that the aesthetics of the bingo card are completely uninspired. If I have enough downtime I might try to design a new template for it and see if I can get it to sync with the random buzzword generating program on the site. But in any case, I hope this will be a helpful survival tool for those of you who are all too familiar with the ridiculousness of cubicle world culture.

I am a Flip Flop
February 7, 2008, 5:34 pm
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I don’t have much time for the blog today, but just to keep my precious few loyal readers at least vaguely entertained, here is a fun quiz you can take about what kind of shoe represents who you are – it helps if you pretend you’re a 17-year old girl. My favorite question was about who you would date if they were a real person. I chose Harry Potter, which of course wouldn’t be inappropriate if I were a 17 year old girl. And apparently that made me a flip-flop…


Pretty profound, huh? Enjoy!