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Tricky Decisions
March 18, 2008, 9:17 am
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I’ve been pretty bad about posting on my blog lately. The trouble is there isn’t a whole lot that’s new going on right now, I’m just sort-of stuck in the middle of trying to make a bunch of decisions about things. I’ve been planning for a while now to take a trip to China this May, but I just realized the dates I was planning overlap with my dance troupe’s one big performance of the year at the Folklife Festival. I also just found out that I may need to cut the trip down to two weeks instead of three, due to the limited amount of time off I have right now, unless I want to borrow from next year’s supply of PTO. So now I’m mentally weighing the longer trip to China against whatever month-long adventure I might be able to enjoy next winter (the exciting news is that as of this year I’ve been at the company long enough to get a whopping FIVE weeks of time off (!!!!) beginning in July, which pretty much rocks). I thought I might be able to help the decision process along by finding out whether I would still be able to perform at Folklife if I miss the two weeks of rehearsal preceding the event, but the response I got was a not-so-helpful ‘it depends.’ And as if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve also decided that buying a new car is really smarter than keeping my dirty little troublemaker, which of course opens up a whole new collection of choices to be made. Maybe once I have at least a few of these troublesome unknowns figured out I’ll have something interesting to write about again. Meanwhile if you’re looking for something a little more engaging than this, check out these awesome 3d chalk drawings.


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