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Bad Carma
March 6, 2008, 1:33 pm
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Yes, I deliberatly spelled Karma with a ‘C’ because I’ve decided that my car has bad Karma. Something bad happened this morning and it wasn’t actually my car’s fault but it made me like my car less anyway. And it’s probably just a subconscious psychological strategy for evading personal responsibility, but I have this feeling right now that my car is bad news and that maybe it’s time to finally ditch it. The idea of rigging my car to drive itself off a cliff has surprisingly high appeal, as does the more practical solution of making it someone else’s problem by dumping it at some sketchy used car dealership in exchange for maybe $50.

The only trouble I have with this plan is the thought of what a nasty hassle it is to shop and negotiate for a new car. It makes me more inclined to stick with the bad karma car and keep up the mindfulness lessons. It might even help me learn some other valuable life skills like humility and patience, especially now that it’s looking more beat up than ever and of course it’s still dirty. On second thought, maybe a new car would be worth the hassle after all.

So it’s back to the mechanic tomorrow, where I will be very sure this time to get my free car wash. Maybe my thoughts on the subject will be more rational once the stupid thing is at least clean again.


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What exactly happened this morning? (the “something bad happened” line reminds me of that sex and the city where Charlotte asks Carrie to call her during her horrible date and tell her that “something bad happened.”)

Comment by Erica

I second Erica’s comment… you totally left us hanging… Was that your strategy to keep us coming back for more?

Comment by Christy

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