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It’s Official!
February 22, 2008, 11:36 am
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My company sometimes has a funny way of doing things. I found out a few weeks ago that I would be officially joining the Research and Strategy group at Teague, leaving my former job title of Industrial Designer (in the Industrial Design group, amazingly enough) to become a Design Researcher (or something like that, we haven’t decided yet exactly what my title will be). While it is an exciting step, and definitely a direction I want my career to move in, it hasn’t really changed things much at work since pretty much all of the projects I’ve been doing for the last year, maybe even longer, have been doing design research work.

So the official switchover was brought to my attention this morning, in the surprising and inglamorous form of an email informing me that I was mistaken in submitting my timecard to the usual aviation studio server and that my timecards should now be directed to the product studio office. That and a subsequent e-mail with notification that my employee number has changed from 562433 to 702420 clued me in to the fact that my switchover must have gone through. I chose to interpret the e-mails as ‘Congratulations! You are now officially a member of the Teague Research and Strategy Group!’ This means I get a really delicious cake on my birthday, one of the many exciting perks of being on the R&S team, and that I no longer get paid for overtime. Woohoo! In the end, I’m really happy about the switchover (and okay with the overtime thing) and excited about research and strategy really becoming a strong competency at Teague.

Oh! I’d just finished writing the above when our new department director came by and gave me my official notification letter. I guess the timing was just a bit off. Still no congratulations on the letter, but they did buy a really nice ‘welcome to the group’ cake when they told me I’d be joining the group (glazed fruit tart with a dense marzipan flavored cake layer underneath). Hmm, cake instead of overtime, makes me feel like this career direction nicely resonates with my personal life philosophy.


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Congrats!! So perfect for you!

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