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Especially for Kate
February 12, 2008, 12:26 pm
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(Thanks for sending this to me Ari, you rock!)


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OMG. Awesome. I think I might “reblog” this.

How great would it be if you had just washed your hands and pushed the button, expecting hot air, but instead received a slice of bacon! Maybe this would be an excellent way to get more people to wash their hands…we could have veggie driers with Morningstar bacon strips too. And then you could buy some tomatoes, lettuce, and bread from those tampon/condom/breathmint combo-type machines!

Comment by Kate

We could add an entirely new dimension to this beast with the addition of one word – Maybe. Press button – Receive Bacon; maybe. Behold, the realm of the unknown! Will you end up with warm hands or dripping bacon? It’s like Russian Roulette, only with pork instead of bullets. Russian Porkette!

Comment by Ari

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