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I am a Flip Flop
February 7, 2008, 5:34 pm
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I don’t have much time for the blog today, but just to keep my precious few loyal readers at least vaguely entertained, here is a fun quiz you can take about what kind of shoe represents who you are – it helps if you pretend you’re a 17-year old girl. My favorite question was about who you would date if they were a real person. I chose Harry Potter, which of course wouldn’t be inappropriate if I were a 17 year old girl. And apparently that made me a flip-flop…


Pretty profound, huh? Enjoy!


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i’m a flat. LOL i went for harry potter too, but it was a toss up with jack sparrow. figured magic is better than rum, but only just. i think the wheaties box is what got me the flat though.

Comment by michele

I’m not so sure Harry Potter isn’t an appropriate date for a 17 year old girl!! I mean, Harry’s getting pretty old now isn’t he?

Comment by Christy

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