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Who’s Your Candidate?
February 5, 2008, 8:43 am
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I frequently find it challenging to be as informed about things as I would like to be, which becomes especially problematic when confronted with an important decision like choosing a presidential candidate. While there’s no substitute for proper research, these handy online tools have helped me get a better sense of which candidates my views are most in alignment with and figure out what issues I should learn more about. If finding time to stay on top of the latest news is tricky for you too, maybe these will help:

The Quiz – This site presents you with a series of questions regarding various issues and then displays how similar your answers are to the platforms of each candidate. It also allows you to read more about each candidate’s position on each issue.

The Blind Taste Test – Here you get to read about the platforms of each candidate and decide which is your favorite, but all the names are replaced with pseudonyms so you won’t be biased by whatever else you may have heard about the character or political views of each candidate. [added 2/7/08]: (Kudos to my best friend Erica for turning me onto this one)

Happy Voting (and caucusing)!


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Great websites!

Comment by Margaret

I feel I deserve credit for turning you onto the blind taste test.

And PS, are you actually caucusing?

Comment by Erica

hahaha, you didn’t need to do that. But really, are you caucusing? I feel your post implies this, yet I’m skeptical.
I can’t wait for thai food … can we leave work now?!!

Comment by Erica

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