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1 Month Down, 11 to Go
February 1, 2008, 9:08 am
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3 days into 2008 I realized that I had exercised every day since New Year’s and the idea crept into my head that maybe I could keep that streak going for the entire year. It’s one month later (minus 3 days) and so far so good. My best motivator has been a nifty deal I made with my friend Margaret. She and I agreed that if we both succeed in exercising every day for 3 months we will buy each other housecleaning services! Unable to resist the opportunity to have someone else do all my cleaning, here’s what I’ve accomplished in the last month:

  • I’ve gone swimming 13 times, done 12 runs, taken 5 walks, and also mixed in some snowboarding, snowshoeing, swing dancing, DDR, and one strength workout. (To qualify, workouts have to be at least 30 minutes and once a week I’ll count a walk as my workout)
  • I’ve spent just over 33 total hours exercising this month, averaging about an hour per day.
    • 660 minutes swimming
    • 450 minutes running
    • 340 minutes walking
    • 270 minutes dancing
    • 240 minutes playing in snow
    • 40 minutes of strength training
  • My longest run was 6 miles, but I hope to improve on that next month
  • I’m not sure what my longest swim workout was, but I’d say at least 1500 yards. I’ll try to keep better track next month.
  • My favorite workout was the snowshoeing trip with Michele and Charlie (Photo!)
  • Most hardcore workout was probably the Resolution Run on New Year’s Day because of the polar bear dip at the end of the race (and because of the hangover…)

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